About Us

Welcome to Affordable Learning Solutions in the CSU!

AL$ Principles

  • CHOICE: Enabling the discovery of course content, including low-cost publisher content, library resources, and a wide array of open educational resources (OER).
  • AFFORDABILITY: Reducing the cost of learning materials for students and the CSU.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Prioritizing access to a quality education and all learning materials.

The Affordable Learning Solutions Website

  • Supports Affordable Learning Solutions strategies and initiatives on campuses.
  • Advocates for reducing the cost of course materials so that CSU students have equitable access to the course materials they need to be successful in their coursework.
  • Showcases AL$ campus programs and faculty efforts to reduce students' costs. 
  • Provides resources and tools to learn, find, review and select free and lower-cost course materials.
  • Highlights relevant California legislature efforts to support students access to affordable learning solutions.

Click here for more information on the CSU AL$ Initiative Strategy.