CSU Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) works closely with CSU campus bookstores to support their efforts to provide affordable learning materials, including the identification of strategies that will increase the availability of lower cost choices at the point of adoption by faculty and improve student choice at the time of purchase.

CSU bookstores are actively serving their students’ course materials’ affordability needs by:

  • Offering multiple choices on new-used-rental print textbooks, eTextbooks, adaptive courseware or custom publishing resources.
  • Providing search tools that assist students in finding the most affordable options available for the course materials they require for their classes.
  • Working directly with the campus AL$ coordinators to provide resources, support and access to lower or no cost course materials for CSU students.
  • Supporting faculty to identify and adopt learning materials, providing students with the lowest possible cost, and providing a source of revenue that allows campuses to support beneficial programming and services.

Disintermediation Resource

Disintermediation is the practice of faculty NOT notifying the campus store of their adopted materials.  


Immediate or Inclusive Access Programs

Immediate or Inclusive Access Programs

  • Immediate Access Programs are campus specific programs that allow students to have access to their digital course materials on the first day of class at no cost until the add/drop date.
  • Students make the choice of whether to purchase the digital content or opt out and purchase their course materials elsewhere.
  • Digital textbooks in these programs may be discounted 10% to 20% from the regular digital price or 25% to 60% from print rental and print purchase price.

Auxiliaries and Bookstore Resource Guide

Auxiliaries and Bookstore Resource Guide

Documentation of the processes developed for the deployment and sustainability of ALS commercial programs. The design accommodates amendments and additions as they develop.

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