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AL$ Campus Coordinator Roles

What is the Campus Coordinator’s Role

  • Apply for funding each year via the RFPThis link will take you to an external website in a new tab.
    • Include an overview of the AL$ initiative’s objectives, challenges, potential measures of success, and existing campus priority(ies) such as the Graduation Initiative, Course Redesign with Technology, etc.  
    • Include a plan for leveraging campus resources and staff.
    • Provide an estimated budget to define the amount of funds for each type of expense.  
    • Include a marketing and communication plan considering campus stakeholders and potential activities/outreach for the awareness, discovery, and adoption of low/no cost materials.
    • Include showcasing faculty accomplishments and student savings at the year’s end
  • Convene and facilitate the AL$ Committee made up of campus partner organizations or departments to implement the AL$ projects.  
    • Members of the committee consist of at least two partner organizations, for example, the library, bookstore, learning assistance center, faculty development center, academic technology department, and/or others.  The campus center for students with disabilities must be one of your partner organizations to coordinate access to AL$ services for students with disabilities.