AL$ Annual Conference 2024 Agenda and Details

The Power of Collective Impact: Advancing Higher Education Affordability Through Campus Coalitions

Conference Details  

Join us in-person, at the CSU Office of the Chancellor in Long Beach, for "The Power of Collective Impact" conference, where California State University staff, leading campus-specific initiatives to enhance higher education affordability, converge to share insights, strategies, and success stories. In an era where the cost of education continues to be a crucial concern, this conference brings together leaders from California State University campuses who are actively engaged in driving change. 

The event will spotlight innovative approaches to reducing the financial burden on students by harnessing the collective impact of campus stakeholders.  Connect with peers, share experiences, and establish valuable connections during networking sessions designed to foster collaboration and idea exchange.

Please note attendance is required to receive grant funding for the 2024-2025 academic year.  As a reminder, you may use AL$ grant funds to cover travel costs for your conference attendance. 

Dates:  Thursday and Friday, February 8th and 9th, 2024.

Conference Agenda

DAY 1: February 8, 2024, 9:00am - 5:30pm

  • 9:00-9:30

    Registration and Continental Breakfast

  • 9:30-9:45

    Erin Walker will discuss the outline for the days sessions. 

  • 9:45-10:30

    This impactful presentation with Leslie Kennedy and Erin Walker, they set the stage for the conference by delving into the crucial role that collaborative efforts play in advancing Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) sustainability within higher education institutions.
    As the landscape of higher education continually evolves, the need for sustainable and scalable solutions to alleviate the financial burdens on students becomes increasingly urgent. This keynote session explores the transformative power of coalitions and collective impact, examining why these collaborative endeavors are instrumental in ensuring the lasting success of Affordable Learning Solutions.

  • 10:30-11:15

    Join a panel discussion with CSU campus librarians at the CSU Affordable Learning Solutions conference.  Delve into the dynamic role of librarians as a catalysts within coalitions, actively driving affordability initiatives and shaping the future of accessible education.  Gain insights into the multifaceted contributions of librarians, leaving with a clear understanding of their pivotal role in ensuring the success and sustainability of Affordable Learning Solutions.  


    Kelsey Nordstrom 
    Kimberly Stelter 
    Jeff Benedetti-Coomber 
    Daisy Muralles

  • 11:15-12:00

    Join our panel of experts for an in-depth exploration of how instructional designers contribute to reshaping the educational landscape, enhancing affordability and fostering accessibility.  Through a comprehensive case study, attendees will gain practical insights, effective strategies, and best practices, understanding the transformation impact of instructional design on ensuring the success and sustainability of AL$ initiatives in higher education.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn and engage in the future of accessible education.  

    Angie Petty 
    Heather Rougeout

  • 12:00-1:00

    Lunch at the Chancellor's Office

  • 1:00-1:45

    Join our panel discussion for a detailed examination of read-world examples, delving into how faculty members drive success, sustainability, and innovation in AL$ initiatives.  Gain a deep understanding of the integral role faculty play in advancing affordability, leaving with insights that inspire collaboration and innovation within your academic community. Don't miss this opportunity to explore and leverage faculty-led initiatives for the benefit of transformative education. 


    Elaine Correa 
    Beth Shook 
    Christa Bailey

  • 1:45-2:30

    This session provides a comprehensive look into how faculty development initiatives act as catalysts for transformative change with AL$ coalitions.  Attendees will depart with practical insights, best practices, and the inspiration needed to implement effective faculty development strategies, ensuring ongoing success in the integration of affordable learning initiatives within their academic communities.  Don't miss this opportunity to empower your institution with impactful faculty development approaches.  

    Natalie Munoz 
    Cary Barber 
    Shelli Wynants

  • 2:30-3:00

    Delmar Larsen
    Founder and Executive Director
    Professor, Chemistry
    UC Davis

  • 3:00-3:15


  • 3:45-5:15

    Led by Erin Walker

  • 5:15-5:30

    Closing Remarks: Logistics and Dinner

DAY 2: February 9, 2024, 8:30am - 12:30pm

  • 8:30-9:00

    Registration and Continental Breakfast

  • 9:00-9:30

    Michelle L. Pilati, Ph.D. 
    Project Director, Open Educational Resources Initiative
    Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

  • 9:30-10:00

    Leslie Kennedy 
    Jayati Chaudhuri 
    Christa Bailey

  • 10:00-10:30

    This session offers a comprehensive exploration of how administrative leaders advance Affordable Learning Solutions. Attendees will gain practical insights, strategies and inspiration to cultivate administrative support within their institutions, guaranteeing ongoing success and sustainability of AL$ initiatives.  Don't miss this opportunity to empower your institution with actionable approaches to enhance administrative leadership in the realm of affordable learning.

    Leslie Kennedy
    Gerry Hanley

  • 10:30-12:00 noon

    Engage in dynamic, hands-on collaboration during our Strategy Workshopping and Collaboration, an innovative session designed to empower participants in crafting impactful campus coalition strategies for Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$).

  • 12:00-12:30

    Closing + Boxed Lunch